Custom Software Development

We deliver custom software development services to enhance your business. Using the newst technologies we design, build and maintain software for various industries. We'll take care of your software and save your time so you can take care of your everyday tasks and chores.

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Staff Augmentation

There are times when you might need a single developer or two to help you finish up your project, rather than complete project team. Our job is to help you deliver the software on time. Our engineers are easily adaptable and have experience working in different environments. Staff augmentation will come in handy when you find yourself short on time, competences in-house or simply need an expert for a short period of time.

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Extended Team

Looking for an entire team to join your project? We can provide you with the whole package: Software Developers, UX/UI Designers, QA Engineers, Project Managers, Software Architects who will work on your project from start to finish. After defining your requirements and expectations we build a dedicated team that will bring your project to life. We focus on your goals and put communication first because we believe it's the key to success.

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Our Approach


We gather project requirements and process them on the workshop meetup.

UX/UI Design

We prepare app layout and create graphics based on your feedback.

Development & QA

Once UI and UX is accepted, we start programming interfaces and API working in SCRUM methodology.


We update the app, fix minor bugs, and adjust it accordingly to your need and customer feedback.

Technologies we use

Software and Design for multiple devices

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