TV 2 Været - Weather App

TV 2 Været is a weather app, that besides the classic weather forecast, provides many more features and weather statistics.

Solution: Web and Mobile App
Client: TV 2 Norway
Platforms: Web, Android, iOS
Release date: 2021

TV 2 News

About TV 2

TV 2 is a Norwegian television with headquarters in Bergen – the second-largest city in Norway. Established in 1991, where after a successful broadcasting attempt, one year later it became the first official commercial free-to-air television. For its viewers, it offers numerous channels such as entertainment, 24 hours news, sport, and lifestyle. According to TV 2 data, every single day 1.9 million people watch their channels.

Project goal

The Norwegian word “Været” translated into English means weather, so the purpose of the project was clear…

Better Software Norge was asked to work on the frontend of the application for mobile phones and web browsers to display current and forecast weather conditions, but also to include other functions and statistics. The weather in Norway can be very unpredictable, which is why such kinds of applications are very popular in their country.

Anyway, no one likes to get hit by the rain outside, while the umbrella is left at home because we didn’t check the weather forecast… So to stay always up to date we developed additionally a weather widget, that can be put on the screen of your phone.


General problem

Our software developers are real experts in the field of Kotlin, Swift, and React technology, so the frontend development process went very smoothly and without any major problems. TV 2 provided us all the necessary designs and graphics. Most work and arrangements required the API integration process, but the experience gained in previous projects allowed us to finish the application in a fairly short time.

Roles in project

Client's side

Better Software Norge

BSN side_Weather


Working with TV 2 is always a pleasure, and we are glad that our next cooperation was successful.

This time we brought to the users a weather application available for the web, Android, and iOS. The application is intuitive, has a friendly interface, and is working fast on all operating systems. The presentation of the forecast results must be presented in a way that is useful and convenient for the user. The results of the weather forecast are presented graphically.

Besides the classic weather forecast, it provides to his users more functions and information about:
– Storms
– Year to Year weather comparison
– Long-term forecast
– Pollen prediction
– Extreme weather forecasts
– Detailed weather information
– Sunrises and sunsets
– UV-index
– Tides
– Humidity
– Weather widget

For thousands of years, people have tried to predict the weather. Nowadays thanks to special systems, apparatus, terrestrial and satellite transmitters, and meteorologists all over the world we can have a very accurate weather forecast on our mobile phone or computer. Experts can predict weather disasters and thus save thousands of lives all over the world.


What was achived

Our application is used by common people in Norway and helps them plan their activities or travels. It can be extremely disappointing when an unexpected turn in the weather ruins your plans. Fortunately, with help comes TV 2 Været!