TV app for set-top-boxes running a Huawei firmware, which is built on Sixty's Ease TV framework.

Solution: Fronted for smart TV app
Client: Sixty
Platforms: Ease TV
Release date: 2021


About Sixty

SIXTY is a company with over 10 years of experience in developing TV platforms. They are a vital part of the dynamic media tech environment in Bergen, Norway. Over the years Sixty worked very closely with TV2, Altibox, RiksTV, Viasat, Ericsson, Huawei, Irdeto, and more, designing and building the most innovative TV services in the market.

Sixty also develops a UI for set-top boxes running a Huawei firmware, which is built on their EaseTV framework – a high-performance, component-based Javascript technology that enables faster UI development. Sixty created a typical TV app, which launches the electronic program guide (EPG), that allows purchasing of VOD content, watching live TV etc. It works only with the Huawei backend.

Project goal

The main goal of the project is to help Sixty in creating applications for their clients using their UI. If it’s needed experts from Better Software Norge develop new functionalities for their framework, which can be used in the future to speed up the work for new projects. Additionally, our long-term plan to work on is to expand our services for other platforms like Smart TV or Android TV.

Roles in the project

Sixty – provides the business part of the project, defines the goals, ensures market recognition, business know-how, quality assurance and few developers.

Better Software Norge – provides expertise in the fields of software engineering and engineering management. We take part in the R&D and delivery processes.


General problem

The biggest challenge for us was to understand and learn Sixty’s proprietary framework – Ease TV. Many functionalities were still undeveloped and there were some problems with environment setup.

Moreover, in many cases, we are dependent on Huawei infrastructure, which generates issues with testing apps and reporting errors.

What we have learned

– We have improved our skills in HTML, CSS, and Node.js technologies.

– We faced a completely new framework, which was a big challenge for us. We adapted quickly and understood the pros and cons of Sixty’s Ease TV framework.


Working with experts from Sixty is a great pleasure. Thanks to efficient communication with their team, we put together the project backlog and helped meet the deadlines for completing the applications for their clients.

Our cooperation is getting better and better as time goes by. We can now more efficiently eliminate project bottlenecks, improve the EaseTV framework, and provide user-friendly frontend and UI solutions, that meet the latest trends.

This is a great approach to ensure that Sixty’s clients are happy with how their apps work on the set-top boxes running Sixty UI.