Northstar Battery ACE IQ App

Mobile app and a cloud system called ACE (Advanced Connected Energy) for wireless real-time and historical battery performance data retrieval.

Solution: Mobile app
Client: Northstar Battery
Platforms: Android, iOS
Release date: 2019


About Northstar

NorthStar is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and deploying an innovative range of batteries and power solutions. The company was established in 2000 by a group of experts in the battery industry, who together hold more than 100 years of experience. NorthStar products are used in more than 150 countries. NorthStar employs over 500 people worldwide, with headquarters in Sweden and major operations in the USA and China. NorthStar also has global distribution and service centers, which include Indonesia, Dubai, and Singapore.

Project goal

NorthStar had already developed a mobile app and cloud system called ACE (Advanced Connected Energy) where the user can retrieve real-time and historical battery performance data wirelessly, both locally through a smartphone app and remotely through a cloud service. NorthStar ACE® improves the efficiency of energy management at every stage of the process: from warehousing, through installation and operation, to battery replacement. The user connects to the batteries wirelessly using Bluetooth.

NorthStar ACE® was successfully implemented to telecom stations power supply. Transferring the telecom solution to transportation applications had become our challenge, with the introduction of NorthStar ACE® IQ.

Roles in the project

Client’s side:

  • Product Owner
  • Project documentation

Better Software Norge side:

  • UI / UX
  • App development iOS and Android.

General problem

Nowadays we need more and more power to fully cover all electronic systems running inside our vehicles. Air conditioning, radio, navigation, lighting, doors, seats, multimedia – their number is constantly increasing. No matter if you are driving your private car, heavy duty truck, or need to launch your engine in extreme circumstances – your battery needs to be fully reliable. That’s why the knowledge about battery performance is so crucial. Do we need to visit an expert whenever we’d like to be sure our battery is ok and ready to work? Of course not, that’s why the NorthStar decided to include the BLE communication technology to their transportation batteries giving their customers battery performance data handy and manageable.



Problems Solved in the Project

  • Adjusting UX Android and iOS standards to documentation requirements
  • Connecting multiple battery sensors to a single mobile device by BLE


NorthStar ACE® IQ gives you complete control and assurance of the status of your NorthStar ACE® batteries. With Bluetooth communication, the app is able to communicate with your batteries using just a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to monitor the batteries’ state of charge and health. You can receive an instant overview of all configured vehicles and batteries and from the configurations within range, you can obtain further information about battery voltage and temperature readouts as well as statistics on their state of charge.

Besides showing significant performance data, the app also provides usage conditions and recommendations on how to get more life out of your batteries, prevent unnecessary battery failure and maximize performance.

What Was Achived

The NorthStar ACE® IQ app communicates with NorthStar ACE® batteries that are equipped with an integrated chip using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection. The Bluetooth communication enables you to remotely, at a distance of up to 100 feet, check the status of the batteries. The app automatically and continuously synchronizes data from the battery sensor, ensuring the most up-to-date and accurate information is displayed.Without hassling with wires, the NorthStar ACE® IQ App will give you access to all the information you need about your batteries in the palm of your hands within minutes.