Mindfit is an app that empowers users with therapeutic techniques for improved thought patterns and resilience.

Client: Mindfit
Solution: Cross-platform app
Release date: July 2023

About the client

Mindfit is a preventive tool that helps train thought patterns, shift focus and get a greater sense of mastery of challenges people have in their everyday life. Mindfit app is designed so that it simulates some of the issues and techniques a psychologist would use in his or her first meeting with an individual seeking help. Solutions used in the app are based on well-recognized treatments such as cognitive therapy, positive psychology, and EMDR. 

Project goal

The client already had an application developed in Flutter, but it needed redesign. The goal of the project was therefore to implement new designs, which required refactoring, i.e., restructuring code, while not changing its original functionality since only some of the old components were usable. 

General problem

The client provided us with an app that required refactoring, the implementation of new designs, and performance enhancements. A major challenge was to make the smallest possible changes to its core in a short period of time to start working on further functionalities as soon as possible. By implementing such a solution, we were able to develop the application in parallel according to good practices, as well as build a base of reusable components. In a short period of time, they enabled us to improve other elements of the application. 

Roles in the project

Client’s side:

Testing, reporting corrections.

Better Software Norge:

In our team, there were 1 Lead Flutter Developer, 1 Flutter Developer, and 1 Project Manager (PM). 

Problems solved

We tackled the issues caused by previous contractors, ensuring app stability, and creating a foundation for further development. We simultaneously enhanced the app while preserving its stability, building reusable components and following best practices.


The design of the application was already prepared by the client, nevertheless our Flutter experts actively participated in discussions with the client, which resulted in usability improvements. 

Flutter’s platform was an excellent choice for this project, thanks to its built-in components it enabled express implementations of nice interfaces. Due to the lack of a client-side backend, at this stage of the project we decided to use multiple Firebase services, which allows us to manage video content in the application.   

Changes to the app’s translations can be made by the client himself through a panel from the POEditor solution, which has been integrated with git, this reduces the developers’ involvement time in text changes to a minimum. The app also offers subscriptions, which users can purchase through GooglePlay and StoreKit.